Gangnam Style: The New Macarena?

If you’re regularly on either Facebook or YouTube, it’s pretty likely that you’ve come across the term “gangnam style” a few times recently. For those who don’t know what Gangnam Style is, it’s a dance from the music video of a Korean rap/dance song of the same name by rapper PSY, parodying the hipster district of Gangnam in Seoul.

Despite being sung in Korean, it’s become a huge internet sensation all over the world; the original video for it on YouTube has had over 324 million views! Flash mobs have appeared doing the dance. For all we know, he could be saying “Fuck you whitey” and “Down with capitalism” and talks about North Korea’s plans to take over the world (Gangnam Style, of course). It’s too bad Kim Jong-il isn’t alive today to do this dance.

The song’s now popular dance looks like you’re riding and whipping a horse (I guess Koreans are okay with animal cruelty). At the moment, there is no doubt that this will go off in nightclubs. It’s very silly, but hey, don’t all dances look silly from an outside perspective? Plus, we can all say we were drunk by the time the DJ played the song, so we were too pissed to not dance to it.

What I’m about to say will put a huge damper on things, and it’s probably way too early to say this. For all I know, this dance could just be a passing fad that will disappear faster than Katie Holmes’ career after marrying Tom Cruise, but I think it needs to be said. Gangnam Style could possibly be our generation’s Macarena. Ewwwwwww!

Think about that: a dance we all know is ridiculous, but dismiss it as “fun”. But think about the children of Australia (or even the world) for a sec, even if you don’t have kids. As musical taste changes from generation to generation, what we might like the kids might hate with a vengeance. If the dance remains popular, the lame retards that work as primary school teachers will make their poor students learn the dance for end of year concerts and Grade 6 graduation. They will hate every minute of it!

Remember how you had to learn the Macarena, the Nut Bush, the Bus Stop and some other shitty dances from your parents’ era that were already out of style back when you were in primary school? That’s what today’s kids will think of Gangnam Style!

To be fair, ‘Gangnam Style’ is still way better than ‘Macarena’, but perhaps I’m thinking of it from the lame adult perspective that adults had about the Macarena in the ’90s.

A few months ago, I wrote an article about really stupid party dances, and with time, perhaps one day someone will write another article like it and include Gangnam Style. I really hope Gangnam Style doesn’t last long enough for that to happen though.

Originally published here at on Tuesday 2 October 2012

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