Guys Wearing The Same Clothes As You

I finally understand why girls crack it when they see another girl wearing the same dress or top or whatever at parties and clubs. I used to think them having such a tantrum to this was stupid. However, I was recently at a restaurant and saw someone there wearing a shirt just like one I own. I wasn’t even wearing that shirt at the time, and maybe I was just in a bad mood at the time, but I just couldn’t help but be pissed off by this minor thing.

Then I questioned why this upset me, and I came to a conclusion: your clothes are you!

You like to think your clothes make you look unique and it makes you look hot and help you stand out to the opposite sex, or at least stand out just amongst everyone else around you, as you feel your clothes reflect who you are and your tastes. (Despite the fact the exact same clothes are made in mass quantities in factories where the workers get paid squat.) So when you see others wearing the exact same thing, they have unknowingly reminded you of how in the big scheme of things you’re not special. Sorry, but it’s a painful truth even I’ve been reminded of on many occasions.

Though all in all I still think most guys get far less agro about this than our fashion conscious gal pals who need hours to get ready for a night out than boys do, it’s still annoying. Girls like guys to be dressed well, and in the world of nightclubs, first impressions count, so you want to stand out amongst the other young bucks looking for chicks. So if you were hoping your new threads were going to help you impress females, all hope of that strategy working vanishes once another fella is seen wearing the exact same thing.

Perhaps this is me getting in touch with my feminine side (because chicks like that sort of thing, so I’ve been told), but now I can at least somewhat understand the frustration and anger they feel after taking hours to try to look stunning only to see another girl with the same outfit that steals their thunder, whom they will probably call a skank underneath her breath. Girls are on the prowl too when clubbing, so if you are a guy who gets annoyed when seeing another guy with the same shirt or something, this anger is tenfold for girls.

But on the plus side, seeing another dude wear the same clothes as you could be a huge icebreaker and allows you to go up and strike a conversation and be social, another quality girls like in guys!

Originally published here at on Monday 21 January 2013

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