Hero Stories: Legendary Or Lame?

When out with a group of friends, at least one of the males is going to be boisterous and brag about something funny that happened to him while out on the town or partying. These funny tales of debauchery are known as “hero stories” – essentially the guy telling people about the crazy night he had to look like a hero in the eyes of his peers, who he hopes envy him for having such a glorious time.

While girls have these sort of stories to tell as well, it seems that it’s generally guys who like to boast about how many shots they had in a row or how many chicks they pashed in one night. These stories are generally pretty amusing; to some the self-proclaimed hero will look like a king amongst men, while others will think he’s just an arrogant wanker.

So are hero stories legendary or lame? Observe both sides of the coin from both the hero’s and the listener’s perspectives.

Why They’re Legendary

For Hero
Obviously one guaranteed way to enjoy yourself is to share a laugh with the guys. While just about any story you could tell can be funny, stories involving getting laid, drunk or puking because of said drunkenness triumph over every other type of story every time and are the ones your mates are still laughing about days later. Tales of how they consumed enough alcohol to break a world record or had a threesome with hot twins or “owned the club” by their antics are always going to get people enamored, making them look awesome. If telling a hero story to a girl he’s just met, she might think he’s a fun outgoing guy, making him an alpha male, therefore shaggable.

For Listeners
As already mentioned, looking like a fun party guy will impress chicks a lot. They will think this hero is indeed a knight of the nightlife (at least heroes hope this will happen). The hero’s mates will gather around, eager to listen to the shenanigans he got up to. They vicariously live through the hero’s stories. Frankly, a lot of the hero’s mates might develop a bit of a man crush on them because of how cool their life apparently is (there’s no shame in it, it doesn’t make you gay).

Why They’re Lame

For Hero
Heroes don’t seem to realise that many other guys out there brag about their nightlife endeavors and do much the same stuff as they did. They are not special. People, especially girls, might think he’s a douche, therefore no poonani for him. Stories about drinking a shitload of booze and how they were “so hungover” the next day like it’s something to be proud of makes them look unoriginal and just another guy at the club who thinks he’s top shit.

For Listeners
Having to listen to some dickhead’s egotistical bullshit all night is annoying. Heroes will look like sleazy arseholes to the girls he’s trying to impress, knowing he’s just bragged about getting with so many girls in the past. She doesn’t want to become another one of his hero stories. Besides being sleazy, he might just look plain immature and unreliable, so no one wants to hang out with this “hero”, making him a zero.

Originally published here at barsandnightclubs.com.au on Thursday 26 July 2012

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