How Glow Sticks In Clubs Determine Your Availability

Every now and then at clubs, the staff will hand out different coloured glow sticks to the patrons entering the club for them to wear. Glow sticks are freakin’ awesome; they look cool and really add to the fun of clubbing. But despite the childish connotations that glow sticks may have for some, they can become a very adultthing when used in nightclubs.

The very first time I saw these at a club, I assumed there were being handed out for people to use simply just to look cool and to help themselves stand out amongst the crowd. How naive I was! It wasn’t until I saw a poster on the wall saying what each colour meant when I realised what was going on: these fun novelty lights were to help people find a suitable mating partner for the night!

A glowstick’s colour can signal to people whether you’re available or not. I can’t imagine this phenomena is taken very seriously and peeps will go and try to chat you up regardless of what colour you’re wearing, but still something to consider if you’re out on the prowl.

1. Green = DTF
Just like at traffic lights, when you see green appear, you got the a-ok to go forward, or to be forward to be precise. With a greenie, there’s no doubt about whether they would be up for a good time, because they are clearly down to fuck. But be quick, because other suiters may make a move first, leaving you green with envy.

2. Red = In A Relationship
As the colour red if often associated with lust, you’d think red would be the colour to mean DTF, but it doesn’t. Again, like with traffic lights, it means stop (in the name of love). She’s a no-go zone and you should just steer clear unless you want her boyfriend who’s probably not too far away from seeing red and make red stuff come out of you.

3. Blue = Cheater
If someone’s wearing a blue glow stick, it means officially they’re taken, but unofficially are ready par-tay with the sexy thang that they’re willing to go behind their partner’s back for (though I guess they’re making an official statement that they’re a cheater if they’re wearing a blue glow stick in a nightclub full of people to see).

4. Purple = Single And Looking
Purples aren’t attached to anyone and are most certainly interested in meeting someone who tickles their fancy and to satisfy their primal urges. If you’re looking for someone to have a convo with as well as potentially hook up, it’s probably best to talk to a Purple rather than a Green.

Originally published here at on Saturday 25 August 2012

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