How To Pick Up At A Music Festival

At the moment, there’s a lot of buzz about all the upcoming music festivals like Soundwave, Groovin’ In The Moo and many others. And you know what there’s going to be a lot of at these festivals? People, specifically members of the opposite sex. Whether they’re buff, shirtless dudes who are showing off their abs or chicks wearing denim shortsto highlight their nice, tight booty, you just can’t help but look. (It’s okay, it’s human nature).

So if you see a hottie you’re keen on, is picking up at a music festival the same as picking up at nightclubs? Of course not! If anything, it may be easier! Yes, you do have to approach the other person and hope for the best, but there’s certain factors playing in your favour.

1. You Have More Time To Win Over The Hottie
Music festivals go all day long, and if it’s a festival that goes over a weekend, then there’s heaps of time to impress the girl with your natural charm than having to pull all your cards out there at once, making you look like a douche that’s coming on too strong. If it’s a weekend festival, try to have a proper conversation with the hottie when things are quieting down and everyone’s about to doze off; it’ll make things a bit more intimate, a nice break from the hectic crowds and booming music.

2. Dress Up Ridiculously
When you go clubbing, you generally have to look dapper. However, music festivals have a far more relaxed dressed code and you can wear something that’s very colourful or outrageous, like a costume of some sort that might go along with a theme of the festival. Take Big Day Out for instance; how many people wore Australian flags as cape or have it painted on their face because it happened around Australia Day? Enough said.

3. Help A Lost Hottie
Being such a huge crowd, chances are you will get lost from your group. If you see a looker that seems like they have no idea where they are, or even better, if they approach you to ask you how to get to a certain area, help them find their mates. You’ve got all day to party, so it’s not like you don’t have the time (though you may get lost from your own group). This is a case where a good deed isn’t its own reward, with perhaps getting to hang out with them because they think you’re cool or even get their phone number. Genius!

4. Piggy Back
Girls want to see the bands performing, despite being far away from the stage. Lift her up on your shoulders so she can scream and flash her tits at the bands. You’ll be annoyed you’re not facing the other way towards her nether regions and it may do your back in, but at least you can honestly say you got between a girl’s legs.

5. Help Put Up The Tent
That wasn’t a “pitching a tent” sex joke, I mean as in help the gals put up their tent to show what a nice bloke you are, and look all big and strong. And maybe if you’re really lucky, they’ll let you share the tent.

Originally published here at on Friday 15 February 2013

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