Is It Lame To Go To Bars And Clubs With Your Parents?

When we’re kids, our parents would have to take us everywhere; parks, the movies, the shops, and even to parties because they couldn’t get drunk at because no babysitters were available that night, so the little ones had to come along too. Taking your kids with you everywhere you go is Parenting 101, but not many people realise that one day the kids will be taking care of their parents.I’m not even talking about when they’re old and decrepit. Once you’re legal and they’re middle aged, looking out for your olds for the rest of your life begins.

But before you have to feed them and wipe their bums, they’ll want to relive their youth as much as they can while they can (they don’t have too much longer to drink and party unlike us). A bit of a midlife crisis thing going on here. So when they’re older, they might sometimes bug us to let them tag along with you and your pals to the new cool places that are radically different from the clubs they used to party at when they were our age. Once you turn 18, you start gaining independence and branching out away from your parents to live your own life. Though they had to take us to parties all the time, it’s suddenly a whole different story when they ask the same of us. We’re ungrateful little shits, aren’t we?

So does it suck when our parents tag along with us to bars and nightclubs? I once went to the Espy with my mum, aunty, sister and her boyfriend to see my uncle’s band play (so it was quite a family affair). It was my mum or aunty’s idea to check out my uncle’s band, so technically it was the kiddies tagging along with the grown ups once again after plenty of drinks. Anyway, my mum and my aunty were boogieing, but none of us youngin’s were though. The Espy most has a 30s-40s crowd there, so perhaps we prefer to dance with peeps our own age? Quite possibly.

Though we’ve all heard stories about hooking up with a cougar or a sugar daddy, those things rarely happen. People can’t help but somewhat act differently around their elders, or more specifically seeing their elders act like they’re still in their 20s. It’s even more awkward having your parents see you pissed beyond belief and/or pick up randoms, making us reluctant to do so. Or worse, seeing them do all that! Even if your parents are cool, it’s still kinda embarrassing just talking to them about this sort of thing, let alone having them see you do these things with their own eyes!

I had a good time that night, and though my mum and aunty are not by any means lame, I don’t think I’d do it too often. It was definitely a night for the parents to play up and the kids to be the mature ones. And it couldn’t possibly be any more awkward than this scene in Kevin And Perry Go Large (bloody hilarious movie, by the way!).

Originally published here at on Sunday 7 April 2013

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