Kingpin Bowling Lounge

The thing with bars is that while it’s nice to be able to sit down and have a drink with your mates, sometimes it can get boring just sitting around. So why not go to a place where you can drink up and do something fun at the same time? Such a place is in the very heart of Melbourne: Crown Casino, at Kingpin Bowling Lounge to be precise.

Kingpin is definitely not a conventional bar, nor is it a run of the mill bowling alley, which is Kingpin’s greatest strength. The cool neon lights give it a bit of a nightclub feel to it while maintaining both a bar and bowling alley atmospheres. The music videos playing on TVs in unused bowling lanes are a nice treat to look at while you’re bored waiting for your turn to bowl. Not only do they play music, but add to the vibrancy of the place, making it that much cooler.

Kingpin is part of Crown Casino’s Galactic Circus, full of arcade games to play and M9 Laser Skirmish where you can get your exercise for the day by shooting people with laser guns. Though they aren’t part of Kingpin, they’re still tops and worth checking out. However, all this also means there are often kids around, so you should try not to swear too much whenever you get a split in bowling. It also means the place is usually pretty busy, so expect to wait for a lane to be available for you and your friends to bowl.

With the bar itself, there are two bars run by foxy young ladies, offering a variety of food and drinks ranging from beers, spirits and cocktails, at reasonable prices to boot. Speaking of boots, you of course have to wear the bowling shoes provided to play. At a bar specialising in bowling where people are of course going to be mucking around, it makes the old saying “act your age, not your shoe size” a bit of a paradox.

Combining the awesomeness that is bowling with alcohol, Kingpin Bowling Lounge couldn’t have possibly gotten this mix wrong. Just imagine all the drunken slips you and your friends are bound to do while going for a strike. Adding to the laughs are the animated characters on the TV that will taunt you whenever you get a gutter ball or the hilarious screenshots of you and your friends bowling, so expect a lot of pictures of awkward faces and arms in the air. Priceless!

Originally published here at on Tuesday 17 July 2012

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