Mobile Phones: Our Saviour At Nightclubs?

Fortunately for us, we live in the 21st century where mobile phones are commonplace and are ready when you are (provided your battery’s not dead, of course). Truth be told, mobile phones are now an integral part of the clubbing world. Yes, the very basics of clubbing like drinking and impressing hotties are as old as dirt and for the most part haven’t changed,but the way we otherwise go clubbing has thanks to telecommunications.

1. Storing Phone Numbers
If you enjoyed chatting/making out with some babe, you can easily put the random’s mobile number right onto your phone rather than on a piece of paper that you could very easily lose (who brings pen and paper to a nightclub anyway?). Though chances are they gave you a fake number, doesn’t matter, they’re just a random you pashed at a nightclub anyway. You’d think that this would eliminate the old excuse that people use to not contact someone they don’t intend on seeing again that they “lost” the other person’s phone number, but apparently it’s very easy to lose a phone number once it’s been stored on your phone too. Hmm…

2. Taking Photos Of The Night
Rather than taking in an actual camera, you can just use your mobile. You were going to bring it anyway, so why not take advantage of its time capturing abilities? You can even use your phone to quickly upload it to Facebook to show everyone how “cool” you are. Taking photos of the night (albeit blurry ones made worst by the darkness mixed with flashing lights and drunks pulling silly faces) is going to happen, whether your drunken ass is going to regret it in the morning or not.

3. Kills The Boredom
During the week when we’re stuck at work or having to sit through boring lectures that cover topics that have bugger all to do with what you’re actually studying, we count down the days until we can go clubbing. However, on some nights clubbing just isn’t that great. Whether you just weren’t fully in the mood or maybe you’ve gone to a club playing shit music, and on top of that your mates are distracted by a random they’re chatting up or just too drunk to talk, some nights just suck. So we turn to our good old mobile to text someone, browse Facebook (often posting what a “great time” they’re having at the club) or play games like Angry Birds.

How did people survive being bored at a club before mobiles?! I guess they just drank themselves into a haze to get through the night quicker, like we should be.

Originally published here at on Saturday 30 March 2013

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