Texting Vs Calling A Hook Up

Ah, the aftermath of a hook up. Whether it was just making out at the club or a one night stand, it’s all good fun. But you know what’s not always good fun? Communicating with said hook up, especially if it’s long after you’ve left the club. Some people just don’t understand that one of the realities of clubbing is that you’re meant to assume that when you make out or go to a cheap motel with a hook up that you probably won’t see them again.

But even if you’re well aware of this fundamental principle of the clubbing world, sometimes you just can’t get them out of your mind and want to party with them again. But what do you say or do with the phone number you’ve been given? (Provided you actually got one, and that it’s not fake). What’s the better thing to do to make something happen, a text or a call? Just to think, you thought it was awkward going up to them at the nightclub; that’s nothing compared to what comes afterwards!

With texting, you get right to the point without annoying small talk. It’s quick and painless. If they reply, then it’s pretty likely they like you for you rather than your rockin’ bod. But texting could also seem like you don’t care enough to even bother talking to them. If they never reply, it’s their loss. You probably also just saved yourself an awkward follow up phone call (and only spent 20 cents as opposed to what a call would’ve cost, especially if it turns out you were given a fake number and spoke to some unsuspecting person who’s horrified that you’re asking them for sexual favours). Perhaps you should try to avoid using bullshit texting shorthand the likes of teenagers used to type on MSN; utter nonsensical rubbish!

Calling may seem old fashioned these days, but it’s a tried and true method of communication. In this era of instant communication, pre-21st century telecommunications may seem endearing to the hook up that you took the time to actually talk to them, like verbally and without pressing buttons on your phone. However, a phone call may also seem too in your face and you can’t as easily ignore a phone call as you could a text. The random will be like “Why are they so obsessed with me? God!”

There’s also the matter of determining how long to wait before you contact them; if you do it too soon, you’ll look clingy and creepy, but if you do it too late, they will assume you’re not interested and move on. There’s also adding them on Facebook, but I really don’t recommend doing this.

What do you prefer your hook up do, text or call you?

Originally published here at barsandnightclubs.com.au on Friday 22 February 2013

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