The 10 Sexiest Things Girls Can Do In The Club

Girls always doll themselves up before a night out clubbing to increase their chances of attracting boys or to show off their body (probably more the latter really). While this of course gets male attention, looking good alone isn’t always necessarily the only way girls can be sexy.

In fact, there’s many ways girls can be sexy without any real effort. It doesn’t even require something extreme like letting guys feel them up or dirty dancing. Sometimes it really is the little things that matter.

1. Putting Her Finger Around Her Mouth
Usually girls put either their index finger into their mouth or their pinky on the side of their lips. Guess what other body part guys think of that can go into a girl’s mouth? Girls don’t have to go as far as sucking their finger though; they can do that on their way home with the guy.

2. Drinking From A Straw
A girl sucking on a straw to get the precious alcohol into her mouth is pretty darn sexy. Reminds guys of another liquid they want girls to suck into their mouths.

3. Emphasising Her Cleavage
Girls showing the outline and flesh on top of their breasts will certainly get male attention. Whether girls wear a top that’s shaped to show cleavage anyway or if a girl bends over slightly and inadvertently show some cleavage, guys are going to try to get a good look at a girl’s boobs. So the ladies might as well take advantage of the milk dispensers on their chest if they’re on the prawl.

4. Acting Feminine
From acting coy or playful, or being a bit clumsy when walking in heels or holding onto a stair railing to not fall over is cute and even endearing. When girls want guys to escort them to their car or to a taxi, it shows they want protection that only a big strong man can provide. As opposed to girls liking a guy’s machoness, their femininity makes guys like chicks for their girly ways.

5. Twirling/Playing With Her Hair
One of every woman’s most prized assets is their hair, and guys will take notice of it, from its length, colour and whether it’s straight, wavy or curly. So seeing a girl twirling it around her finger or playing with it to attract guys is just another use girls have for their hair.

6. Winking
A wink shows a slyness and confidence in getting what they want that guys can’t resist.

7. Buying A Guy A Drink
Not only does this show she’s not using the guy for free drinks, but means she’s genuinely interested in him and is nice enough to give the fella a drink to celebrate meeting one other.

8. Blowing Kisses
A way girls show guys they’re interested that can’t possibly be misinterpreted and is very feminine.

9. Smiling From Afar
If girls smile at guys on the other side of the bar, they are making more effort to show they like the guy rather than if they just smiled when speaking to them.

10. Looking Right Into A Guy’s Eyes
Not only is this the polite thing to do when speaking to someone, it shows the girl’s not dismissing the guy as another john at the club they can easily look away from. A girl’s eyes are also really pretty to look at.

Originally published here at on Thursday 2 August 2012

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