The Awful Truth About Clubbing For Your Birthday

I recently wrote an article about the tacky birthday invitations you get from nightclubs trying to get you to head over there to celebrate your birthday just so they can make money from you (a business trying to woo potential clients to make money, who would have thought!). What’s even more annoying than having these cheesy things suddenly pop up in your mail, email and even your text messages is actually going clubbing for your birthday.

Now you’re probably thinking I’m just a pessimistic bastard who doesn’t know what he’s talking about and wondering why with a statement like that I write for a website dedicated to nightlife. Well, you got the pessimistic bastard part right, but I have a few good reasons why going clubbing for your birthday can suck. I’m sure once you’re drunk, you won’t even care about these silly things and will have a blast. But the duty of birthday boy/girl is almost like a manager at work, you got to make sure everything’s running smoothly. Lame, yeah?

1. Organising The Night
You know how much organising it takes to get things going right for your night?! Heaps! First, you got to contact the club to make a guest list, then you got to invite people to it and select who you want to invite or not. These days, Facebook invitations are the way to go to invite everyone for free, but many don’t response til the last minute, if ever.

2. People Pulling Out
It’s one thing for people to say they can’t come from the moment you invite them because they have other plans, that’s fine. But there’s always one or two (or more!) so called friends who pull out at the last minute. Granted, if they’re one of your good mates and have a legit reason to not being able to go, so be it, but frankly a lot of people just can’t be arsed in the end, making you wonder why you invited them at all. And if too many people pull out, there won’t be that many people at your party, making it look lame. Trust me, it’s the most shattering feeling.

3. Trying To Speak To Everyone
Granted, you’re in a nightclub that’s pumping music full volume, so conversation’s not going to be great for that reason alone. However, if you’re lucky enough to have a good turn out, that means you have to try to speak to everyone, preferably for an even amount of time for everyone to make sure none of your guests are being favoured over another with your precious time. The term “time management” that you hear at work a lot unfortunately becomes a part of clubbing too.

4. Worrying If Your Party’s Fun
The main worry everyone who’s ever had a birthday bash is making sure all your guests are having a great night. You always worry about everything, even things that are out of your control, like the bar having a great range of booze or that the music is tops. The nerves get a great workout worrying about if your shindig’s awesome or boring.

You’re doing all this work, despite it being your night. Oh well, it’s still better than drinking alone on your bday.

Originally published here at on Saturday 23 March 2013

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