The Politics Of Shouting Drinks

Even in the fun and crazy environment of nightclubs where booze controls our every move, there are certain things we have to consider during the transaction of cash for brain cell destroying liquids. Everything in life has rules and regulations of some sort. The very sound of “rules and regulations” sounds boring and should have no place in a nightclub.But there’s money involved when purchasing alcohol for yourself and your pals. Money changes everything.

So what’s the go when shouting your friends or a hook up or even randoms drinks? Though your judgment and counting abilities will suffer from drinking, you should try to remember how much money to spend and how many times to shout drinks, and how much others should be spending on shouting you.

Most of the nights I’d go clubbing, I’d shout my friends probably at least twice in one night. Most of my friends are male, so most of them ordered a beer of some sort. We’ll say a beer at a nightclub on average cost somewhere between $5-$10; a group of five for instance (and hopefully this includes a drink for yourself too) could cost you up to $50, and that’s just one round of drinks! Ouch! So if you shout your mates twice in one night, that’s probably at least $60 you’ve spent right there. There’s no way you should spend more than around $100, that’s ridiculous. Even if they’re good mates, you’ve got to have some money for yourself! And at that rate, make absolutely sure they shout you some drinks too!

A Hottie
This is where the politics of drink shouting is far more delicate. It’s one thing to bug your mates into shouting you your well deserved drink, but it’s a whole other ball game with a looker you’ve just met and want to get to know better (for the night at least). You want to impress them, but you also want to make sure they’re not just using you for a free drink and then ditch you. Buy them one drink and see where that takes you; it’ll still be cheaper than buying all your mates drinks. If they offer to buy their own drink, or even buy you a drink, all good.

You’re probably wondering why I’m including randoms, but you do often end up chatting to people you don’t know and enjoy a few laughs with them. You’ve just met them and probably don’t even remember their name/s, so there’s no real obligation to buy them anything. But there’s no harm in doing so if they seem cool. But if they seem ungrateful or crabby that you didn’t get them anything, fuck ’em, you’ll never see them again anyway.

Originally published here at on Friday 29 March 2013

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