The Sound Bar

The Sound Bar is in one of the most secluded locations you could imagine, an area full of warehouses and hardware stores. Yet right at the back of a factory lot in Hoppers Crossing is The Sound Bar, a really cool bar where music is its passion and livelihood.

Doubling as a recording and rehearsal space for bands during the day and a bar for the public at night, The Sound Bar is a very small, yet cosy and laid back place great for having a few drinks while listening to some up-and-coming bands.

From folk rock to hard rock by the various bands playing that night, as well as what’s played on the stereo in between sets, there’s a variety of top rock music to bop your head to. These bands are obviously the main attraction of The Sound Bar, and plenty of bands from Melbourne’s western suburbs have come and gave punters a top night.

Even the bar’s surroundings revolve around music. From guitars and bongos lying around to music memorabilia like the collection of framed concert tickets and band posters, this is muso paradise. To top it all off are the awesome spray paintings of music legends Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison, easily The Sound Bar’s coolest decoration. The candles in the vodka bottles look menacing and might make some worrywarts think they’re a fire hazard, but they look like something out of a heavy metal music video, therefore looking bad ass. There are also disco balls that seem out of place, especially since there’s no dance floor, but whatever.

Besides the awesome music stuff, another great aspect of The Sound Bar is the booze. Though obviously all bars have alcohol, the grog here is cheap! That’s not because it’s generic brand booze either; top shelf beers and vodkas are available for you to enjoy. Though some might think the fact the booze prices are written in permanent marker on the fridge looks poor, it’s a laid back joint, so who cares?The patrons there are just out to enjoy themselves and have a good time, and all being aged between their 20s and 40s is a good mix of people grew up listening to different types of rock music.

You should feel somewhat privileged to have been to Sound Bar, because it’s not like you can just randomly find it on a busy street; you would have to know it was there to be going there. Available for private functions as well, The Sound Bar is definitely worth checking out if you want to check out up-and-coming rock bands or if you can’t be bothered heading out to the city.

Originally published here at on Tuesday 21 August 2012

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