Thousand Pound Bend

Tucked away in Little Lonsdale Street and just off Elizabeth Street and down the road from Melbourne Central Station, Thousand Pound Bend is a pretty easy place to find. The fact it’s in a very big, old grey building from the 1930s that used to be a motorcycle repair garage is a dead giveaway too.
A very chic bar and cafe, Thousand Pound Bend is very much a venue the hipster crowd flocks to, so expect to see almost everyone wearing vintage clothes, spectacles, and goatees; basically a look you would never see at a suburban bar. I half expected to hear someone use the words “Über” or “edgy” at some point; giggling would have ensued if these lame buzz words had been uttered. Having said that, it is not an unfriendly place that puts its nose up at you for not conforming to everyone else’s dress sense.

It’s a very cool looking place too. One of the walls has wall paper of people in 1930s fashion on it, as well as paintings and other artsy stuff. Though there are plenty of tables to sit and have your drink at or use your laptop like many other patrons seem to do (and why not, the place has free Wi-Fi), there’s a few couches to chill out at if you want to get comfy or play some of the board games available. The couches are also conveniently placed next to the front door, making it easy to spot your friends entering if you’re waiting for them.

Even the toilet’s all artsy with band stickers, catchphrases spray painted on the wall, and being a public toilet, of course has all the dirty sex jokes you would expect to find in a high school toilet. 1000 Pound Bend’s regulars might get Über mad over me mentioning that, as all hipsters want to separate themselves from the “lowly conformists” that are also known as suburbanites, but oh well.

There are always really cool events going on here too. From fashion shows, art exhibitions and bands playing in the downstairs gallery, to film screenings in its very own cinema upstairs, 1000 Pound Bend can’t ever be accused of doing the same old thing every night. But even if you’re not interested in its special events, it’s a top place to catch up with friends over cheap booze and food, and folksy music to enjoy.

Originally published here at on Saturday 1 September 2012

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