Top 4 Funniest Ways To Photobomb At Nightclubs

Remember when you were a kid how whenever a photo was being taken, you would put your index and middle fingers up behind the kid in front of you to make it look like they had bunny ears? Classic, huh? You may think people old enough to go clubbing have well and truly outgrown doing that old childish joke, but you’re wrong. After more than a few drinks, peeps can’t help but revert back to childhood jokes when they see a camera about to take a snapshotof a group’s night out. Welcome to photobombing, where you go into peoples photos and ruin them by doing something retarded. It’s essentially the grown ups version of the bunny ears for the not so grown up.

Here are some photobombing moves that are nothing short of hilarious and a bit more advanced than the bunny ears (but not any less childish):

1. Silly Face
The easiest photobombing move to pull off. All you have to do is stand behind the people who are about to get their photo taken, but try to look like you just happen to be behind them minding y0ur own business when the photographer prepares to document a slice of life. Then just as they’re about to take the pic, quickly pull the most ridiculous face possible so the photographer doesn’t notice. This can include having your mouth wide open, eyes closed and mouth slightly open (kind of like someone with Down’s Syndrome), or just simply popping your head into the photo (which can look kinda creepy). The more adventurous could try to dash right in front of the group and pull a stupid face.

2. Silly Action
If doing a silly face isn’t funny enough to you, you could always pretend you’re doing something stupid (well, I guess since you’re photobombing, you’re already are doing something stupid, but I digress). From something childish like picking your nose to something far more adult like pretending your index finger is your cock, there’s a range of things you can do. Your drinks can even get in on the photobombing action by you pretending to pour the drink onto the unsuspecting person.

3. Stand Next To Random Group
Simply stand next to the group of randoms whose photo you want to photobomb and smile, or even put your arm around someone if you’re game, as if you’re part of the group. You will most definitely get noticed by the group, but if they have a sense of humour, they’ll let you enter their next photo album.

4. Do Something Sexual
Usually done by guys who see a group of ladies getting a photo, especially if they’re hot. Guys won’t be subtle about what they want to do to these gals; a good old thrusting of the hips is both hilarious and to the point. Your mates can get involved by either pretend to hump you while you put on your O face or vice versa (which will look gay, perhaps sending mixed signals, but oh well). Or even better, enter a photo where a two people are pashing or worse, and do something like putting your thumbs up or pointing at the distracted lovers (the Embarrassing Nightclub Photos Facebook page is full of these!)

Originally published here at on Friday 5 October 2012

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