Top 5 Celebrity Appearances At Aussie Nightclubs And Parties

To some degree, we all love celebrities. Whether it’s because they are always on TV or they’re hot or just plain cool, peeps are drawn to them, wanting a taste of the celebrity high life. And sometimes they come out to Australia and appear at parties just for the hell of it (or for money), certainly making those parties better than they should have been!

Paris Hilton
The notorious party girl appeared at the grand opening of Sydney nightclub Marquee at Star Casino earlier this year. Though she was paid to come to party alongside with other celebs like Ashlee Simpson, Nick Lachey, and LMFAO’s Redfoo, Hilton would’ve been in her party girl zone, and getting paid big bucks for it! Wonder if there was a lot of green lighting at this event, much like another “event” Paris was at.

Katy Perry
When Katy Perry toured Australia in 2010 for her California Dreams tour, she decided to gatecrash Melbourne High School’s formal at the Grand Hyatt Hotel just for the hell of it. She sneaked into the party, grabbed a microphone and got in the middle of the circle on the dance floor, singing Beyonce’s ‘All The Single Ladies’, not long before the DJ changed it to ‘California Gurls’. No other high school’s formal could possibly ever beat this one.

Efren Ramirez
Better known as Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite, Ramirez these days DJs all around the world, and on April 6 this year spun that turntable at The Esplanade Hotel. He tends to play dub-step, rave and ’80s music; pretty random mix, huh? Well, the movie he’s famous for is the very definition of random, so it must’ve rubbed off on him. You can imagine all the Vote for Pedro t-shirts that would’ve been all around the Espy that night. For die hard Napoleon Dynamite fans, as Ramirez promised in his speech to run for class president, he made all their dreams come true.

Chris Brown
Chris Brown went to Baroq House to party after his Melbourne concert back in April this year. You can just imagine him being egged on to the podium to sing a bit. Despite his popularity, he probably got the cold shoulder from some chicks who haven’t forgotten him beating up Riri.

Nick Giannopoulos
Not only partied at Boutique Nightclub for its fourth birthday party, but MCed the event! Imagine that; being at a party hosted by The Wog Boy! You’d hope Giannopoulous would put on a top party, otherwise you’d get plenty of whingers wanting back their money farkin. Would’ve been plenty of party goers that night bugging Giannopoulous to re-enact that famous scene from The Wog Boy where he and Vince Colosimo danced to ’70s hit ‘You Should Be Dancing’.

Originally published here at on Friday 25 May 2012


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