Virtual Clubbing Through Second Life

Clubbing can sometimes seem like a “been there, done that” kind of thing. If you do it often enough, it can get dull. You think you’ve seen it all before and that nothing new or impressive can happen at clubs. Well, you’re wrong. In fact, there is one new way of clubbing that exists where you don’t even need to leave your home: Second Life.

For those who haven’t heard of Second Life, it’s like an advanced version of The Sims with its own universe where the characters you’re interacting with aren’t computer generated avatars, but are controlled by other Second Life users. You can create your own character to look any way you want. You can be the handsome devil or the hot chick that you might not be in real life. Your avatar doesn’t even have to be human! In short, you can literately be anything you want to be. You can even fly!

There is literately a whole world to explore in Second Life, but let’s focus on the clubbing side of things. Though it’s designed to be like real clubbing, nightclubs in Second Life go beyond your wildest dreams, thanks to not having the restrictions the real world has, like structurally or, again, being able to friggin’ fly! While many people believe that nightclubs are superficial places where everything is based on looks, you can differentiate the tools from the decent folk quicker in Second Life as you get to see how they speak/type to you, and going by what they say, it is easier to determine if they are worth your time or not (which isn’t so easy in real life).

There are many different types of nightclubs to choose from in Second Life. RnB clubs, goth clubs, techno clubs, jazz clubs, DJs, “live” music, you name it, Second Life has it all. There are many internet forums discussing which Second Life clubs are good and which ones suck, and what to expect from them. Much like this website, but discussing venues that only exist on computer screens. So you can even prepare for a virtual night out on the virtual town by looking up what clubs are good to go to.

Unfortunately, like real life, clubbing in Second Life isn’t free either. You have to pay real money for upgrades and accessories for your avatar via your credit card, but also use this money to party at a nightclub by buying drinks and even paying a cover charge to get inside. Why do you have to pay to party in a virtual nightclub? Well, like real nightclubs, they are owned by proprietors who want to profit from their business. They have to spend money on purchasing the virtual land where the club will be situated, building the club and everything inside it from the bar to the dance floor. They even try to get beer companies to pay them to advertise the company’s brand.

Second Life clubbing will seem lame to many who think it’s terrible compared to real clubbing (and they’re probably right), but if you had plans to go clubbing and had to bail at the last minute because you got sick, you can play Second Life to party. Of course, Second Life is in no way a substitute for the real thing, but at least it’ll give you something to do while you’re stuck at home on a Saturday night.

Originally published here at on Friday 3 August 2012

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