Why You Should Go Clubbing On Good Friday

No offense to any religious people reading this, but Good Friday has got to be the most boring day of the year! Everything except the fish and chip shops are closed, and all that’s on TV are the Good Friday Appeal and The Passion Of The Christ to sit through (thanks Mel Gibson, NOT!). But it is a religious holiday after all, so it’s a sacred day. Or is it?Many may think clubbing or drinking on Good Friday is sacrilege or just plain disrespectful. But the end (having fun clubbing) justifies the means (trying to do something besides being bored because you’re told to be “sensible” on this very serious day).

So here’s some great reasons to head out on Good Friday and get smashed.

1. It’s Friday Night
Granted, it’s not a typical Friday night after you’ve had to sit through uni or work and want to unwind. But during a day when you’ve done nothing because there’s fuck all to do, you’ll be extra glad Friday night has finally arrived and come actually do something fun. It will a good Friday indeed.

2. Easter Long Weekend
Like any other long weekend, most take advantage of it to party hard and for as long as humanly possible. For the hardcore party people, it’s only the beginning of their drunken odyssey into oblivion. Also, it’s Good Friday night, so you’ve been good for most of the day and it’s nearly over anyway, so play up!

3. Hang Out With Friends
Holidays like Easter and Christmas are meant for families to get together and cherish this limited time they can spend together. But if you see them regularly anyway, how’s it different from any other week? Family members often clash because they’re stuck together for too long. So you’ll be doing yourself and your loved ones a favour by also celebrating this time of year with mates, even if it’s just an excuse to get out of your relative’s hair!

4. Hot Girls Wearing Bunny Costumes
If you’re a guy, Easter’s actually a great time of year for a perv. Heaps of hot chicks wear skimpy clothes and justify it by wearing bunny ears. Though this may be a tad disrespectful to some on Good Friday itself, but the fact that it’s happening at a nightclub makes being offended on the grounds of religious views or lack of common decency invalid.

Originally published here at barsandnightclubs.com.au on Thursday 28 March 2013

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