5 Things Guys Look For To Decide Who To Pickup

It’s common knowledge that men are horny bastards who, according to women, will root anything that has a vagina. While there’s truth to that belief, it’s also not entirely true. Yes, having female genitals is a major thing men look for (well, it’s the number one thing really), but like women, men have a criteria of things they look for in women when clubbing. It’s not just a matter of what qualities guys like in a girl, but the circumstances she’s in too.

1. Good Looks
Yes, how good looking a girl is plays a part in deciding if a guy will approach them or not, it’s just nature. Everyone has a type, so if they see a girl who instantly draws their attention, that’s a great start.

2. Her Facial Expressions
Unless the guy’s a cocky twat, a lot of guys can tell if a girl’s a stuck up just by looking at how she acts and if the look on her face is a smug one. If she seems to have a nice smile, especially if it’s a bubbly one, that’s far more attractive than a smile of self-satisfaction. It totes helps if she looks like she’s having fun; unless you’re at a goth club looking for goth girls, guys generally don’t want Debbie Downers.

3. Dancing
It’s not so much how she dances (men are less picky about how good of a dancer she is than women are about how well men boogie), but if she seems to enjoy herself, then she seems more approachable. The first lot of people to start dancing in clubs are always girls, so that fact alone shows they’re out clubbing to have fun, hopefully willing to meet some blokes too. This goes along with the above point that she’s having a good time and seems happy.

4. If She’s Hanging Out With Any Guys
One thing guys do not want to happen when scoping for girls is to see one we like and see she’s hanging out with another guy. We have no idea if he’s just a friend or her brother or another dude wanting to chat her up. It’s bloody frustrating! If we go up to her and start talking, will the guy tell us to fuck off or will he go on his merry way? If she’s out with her gal pals, it’s far less intimidating.

5. How She’s Dressed
Though men all in all aren’t too picky about how the girl’s dressed (if she’s in a nightclub, she’s bound to be wearing her best threads), how she’s dressed may determine what kind of guys, if any, approach her. If she’s wearing jeans or pants of some sort, I think she’ll get more subdued guys, as she’s covered up. However, if she’s wearing a dress or mini skirt or short shorts, showing plenty of leg and then some, she’ll get all these horny dudes around her who assume she’s up for a good time.

Originally published here at barsandnightclubs.com.au on Tuesday 30 July 2013

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