Are Guys Only Looking For A One Night Stand?

Many go out clubbing very intent on picking up, even if it is merely just a possibility. All guys think, “Oh my God, there’s going to be so many hot chicks, it’s gonna be sick!” So yeah, guys are very much on the prowl when they scan the club for a girl they like the look of and want to have a good time with.

The one thing that makes girls hesitant about hooking up with a guy is not knowing whether he genuinely likes her and wants to spend time with her, or whether he just wants a one night stand. Yeah, many guys are, but there are plenty of girls out there more than willing to help these fellas out. So while I don’t think these girls should play the victim card, I understand that no one wants to be played.

So do guys only want a one night stand when they try to pick up girls at nightclubs? Many boys do, yes. Men think with their dicks; sorry ladies, but it’s just the way we are. When making moves on girls, no matter how nice, or at least not sleazy he may be, ultimately the guy wants to have sex with her. It’s just nature. But that doesn’t mean he’s a jerk; even if his main goal is to sleep with the girl, that doesn’t mean he’ll treat her like crap or ditch her once they’ve done the deed. He may be very happy to cook her some nice bacon and eggs the next morning.

But why do guys want to have sex with all these girls? We’ve all heard the phrase about men sowing their wild oats before settling down, but it goes beyond just the physical act of sex. Guys often fantasise about sleeping with certain types of girls, like girls from a specific race, skin colour, hair colour, or subculture like a goth girl or hipster chick, whatever floats the guy’s boat really. Though these girls might be a guy’s type, he doesn’t necessarily have any intention of having a relationship with them. Those girls are merely novelties to cross off the guy’s “to do” list (to do list; hehe, get it?). Sounds mean, but girls have certain types of guys whose bones they’d love to jump too.

So in short, when guys see a hot girl at the club, they do to some extent have sex in mind, but that doesn’t mean he’s a jerk who’ll tell her to fuck off afterwards. Also, if all men wanted were just one night stands, there’d be no such thing as relationships, marriages or even families (I almost wrote there would be no people either, but procreation doesn’t have to happen because mummy and daddy actually loved each other). So if a guy gets in a relationship with a girl, he’s more than keen on her.

Originally published here at on Friday 23 August 2013

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