Are Nightclubs The Most Sexist Places In The World?

Women fought for gender equality for many years, and all in all I think men are pretty good at treating women like equals these days (compared to life before the 1960s anyway). But there’s one place where women are still seen as “different” from them, and that’s at nightclubs. You could dismiss this as nature, being that both males and females seek out the opposite sex and do some retarded mating ritual to get laid, but there’s more to it than that.

This article isn’t going to be some rant about how women have it better in nightclubs or whatever. Believe it or not, nightclubs are sexist to both genders in their own unique, fucked up ways.

1. Boys Vs Girls Attitude
Maybe you’ve recently had a bad break up, or are just unlucky in love, or just simply a cynical bastard/bitch, but there are plenty of times when people view the whole opposite sex negatively based on the bad experiences they’ve had with moronic individuals who they were unlucky enough to have dated. Because of these experiences, as well as knowing that nightclubs are meat markets where people are even pickier about who they hook up with than anywhere else, peeps think and act negatively towards them, probably thinking they’re all stuck up arseholes, which is why they won’t hook up with you.

2. Viewing The Opposite Sex Differently
Though of course people have friends from the opposite sex, generally speaking, most of your friends, or at least your closest ones, are probably the same gender as yourself. Nothing wrong with that, people just basically identify with others of the same sex better all in all. So whenever someone goes out clubbing with the intention of picking up, they don’t really view members of the opposite sex as people, but as “prey”. Men are probably worse than women in this regard, but women also view men as “a good time” rather than someone with feelings. Again, nothing necessarily wrong with that, just saying.

3. Women Get Treated Better Than Men Do By Staff
Men have a much harder time getting into nightclubs than women do. In fact, much of the time, if a guy’s in a group, he needs some girls in the group just so the bouncer will consider letting them inside. I’ve never done this, but I’d find it really awkward and embarrassing having to ask a girl I don’t know if I can pretend to be their friend so I could get inside a building. Though this could be a great conversation starter if you’re wanting to pick up, I find once you’re in, you don’t see these girls anymore. Also, girls are more likely to get free drinks from bartenders, just because they’re showing a lot of cleavage or leg. If a guy and girl get into an argument, it’s pretty much guaranteed the guy will automatically be the one kicked out by bouncers, without them even accessing the situation to see if it was the guy’s or girl’s fault that the argument happened.

4. Women Cop More Hassles
On the other hand, girls also have sleazy jerks hitting on them left, right and centre, thinking they’re handsome enough to get her to root him right then and there (delusional, much?). They also have really long lines for the toilet, which must be so frustrating if they’re busting.

Originally published here at on Saturday 6 June 2013

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