Blondes Vs Brunettes: Which Is Sexier?

To a lot of guys, girls often fall into one of two categories: blondes and brunettes. Though of course there are many other types of girls out there to pick from, blondes and brunettes seem to get the most (male) attention. There’s just something about these hair colours, along with a great bod, that gets dudes going.

Girls are well aware of this too. Many women of either hair colour dye their hair the opposite colour just to see the difference, knowing that both colours are attractive. Perhaps when they say they say they dyed their hair “for a change”, they really mean they want a change in men.

But which one’s sexier? Though of course both are hot, which hair colour is triumphant in the club? Let’s consider the facts of both:


1. Blondes stand out more. Blonde hair is brighter, hence more attention grabbing with the perfectly toned body the babe’s already got. I remember once some guys and I were playing cricket in the street, and a hot blonde and a brunette were walking into a house. The game came to a halt once the blonde appeared (I, however, was looking at the brunette!).

2. They say blondes have more fun. When guys see hot blondes, they think of all the “fun” they could have with these girls all right. Blondes are seen as carefree and fun, therefore more adventurous sexually. Guys have this fantasy of having their way with this sexy, young blonde babe who will do anything in the bedroom. (Men reading this have just nodded in recognition).

3. Besides the aforementioned “fun”, blondes are seen as more playful than brunettes. You can tickle them and shit more (sounds lame, but touching a girl in any way is still hot).


1. If you believe that old stereotype that all blondes are dumb, then look further than brunettes. There’s never been a dumb brunette stereotype before. Besides checking them out, you can carry a conversation with them too.

2. Brunettes have this minx quality to them that blondes just don’t have. Though blondes are very sexy in their own right, brunettes can be sly and that’s really fucking sexy! Their sexy smile and wink is for some reason just plain hotter than when a blonde does it.

3. Brunettes live up the smart is sexy act. I guess this has in part to do with the whole blondes are dumb thing. If blondes get men by their playfulness, then brunettes play up their smarts with their sexiness. They don’t even need glasses to pull this off.

4. With blonde hair being so bright, it seems to detract from the girl’s other features, like eyes, face, smile, maybe even her boobs and ass to an extent. Brown hair not only looks sexy, but allows the girl’s other assets to shine too.

5. There seem to be more brunettes out there than (natural) blondes, so simply the fact there’s more brown than yellow out there means your chances of picking up a brunette are better statistically speaking.

So which one’s sexier? Brunettes! Thought of course you can’t go past a classic blonde (they’re not so sought after for nothing), a really hot brunette just the bomb!

Originally published here at on Wednesday 29 May 2013

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