Can Love At First Sight Happen In Clubs?

Love has always been and always will be a much debated subject that has no real concrete answers to it. Most people think to be in love with someone is to know them for a while to get to know them and the love will blossom. Of course this ideal makes perfect sense, but what about the old notion of love at first sight?Many roll their eyes at the mere thought of this, but it becomes even weirder if it’s someone you meet at a nightclub.

Though subtlety is usually not a word associated with nightclubs, it is often a must when trying to impress women. I, however, am not a subtle man, and not by choice. I often get this stupid grin on my face when I girl I like appears. Whenever a girl’s taken my interest, I think about her to the point of it being ridiculous. Though I know better, there have been plenty of times when some girl has just taken over my world in an instant.

Though I consider myself a man of logic and think of matters realistically (i.e. negatively), I got to admit I’m a bit of a romantic at heart. Unlike a lot of guys who act sleazy towards girls with lame pick up lines or groping, I try to take a more of a “sweet guy” approach. I’d basically just muck around and have a bit of fun, which would (hopefully) lead to a bit of making out. I’m not a smooth talker either, so I don’t bother with lines. I still remember this one time at Marquee years ago when I was dancing with this girl, and the Cher song ‘If I Could Turn Back Time’ played, and whenever the lyric “If I could reach the stars, I’d give them all to you” was said, we’d point to each other when “you” happened. (Very lame, I know, but we were drunk, and thought we were clever. Or I did anyway). Point being, it’s a love song, and I was trying to use it to be romantic towards her, as opposed to drunkenly slurring “Hey baby!” and her grab her knockers (though I’m sure some girls would actually prefer this forward approach).

I never saw that girl again. I knew I wouldn’t either, even as I was pashing her. That’s just the way nightclub hook ups go. I’m not even suggesting I fell in love with her, but I still think about her from time to time. It’s just a nice memory of mine.

Now I am perfectly aware that when most guys go up to girls in clubs, they’re basically looking to get laid. I also think that many people confuse love with lust, or even obsession. I won’t pretend that I’m a stud that’s been with tons of women and know everything about the fairer sex either. For the most part, love at first sight won’t happen at clubs, or anywhere else for that matter.

But what about when you get struck when you see some beautiful stranger? It isn’t necessarily just a sexual attraction, but you really like being around them. You could dismiss it as a lame crush, and you’ll probably never see them again, but you feel so glad you met them and you’ll never forget them. You don’t even have had to had necessarily kissed them (at least on the lips). Absence does makes the heart grow fonder, but at the end of the day, reality will always triumph over any romantic or sexual fantasy you have about someone.

To answer the question, the answer’s probably no. But if this situation happens to you, and you really want something to happen with this person, by God do all you can do win them over! You’ll regret not doing all could! (Trust me, I’ve been there).

Here’s the great Blink 182 song ‘First Date’; this song perfectly captures the feeling of initially being struck about that new special somebody.

Originally published here at on Monday 27 May 2013

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