GM Sound Studios

When one thinks of funky retro bars, industrial areas like Campbellfield would never come to mind, but yet this is exactly what the GM Sound Studios is, and boy is it a top joint.

As the name suggests, it’s a recording studio for bands to rehearse and play their tunes during the day. But it’s not just the music business that takes place here, it’s also the power of music that helps makes a party here a memorable night.

The bar has a really old school look, with many posters of infamous bands like The Beatles, KISS, The Cure, David Bowie, and many others really emphasising on the venue’s love of great music surrounding it (though I’m sure the posters of Marilyn Monroe and Brandon Lee in The Crow are there simply because they’re so iconic). One thing I really love about the bar is the old red phone booth above the bar that has a disco ball in it, it’s just simply awesome. Though the modern Dance and RNB music playing on the stereo that night contradicts the old school disco feel the place is going for, it’s not really that big of a deal.

There’s also an outside area for smokers, even a couch for them that looks very comfy. You can bring along a barbeque along to cook some snags and burgers for your guests too (who doesn’t love a good barbie?).

The small dance floor is where bands would normally place their music to people, but can be used as a dance floor or podium for speeches. There’s enough space in front of it for more dancers to make their way up to boogie too. There are plenty of couches around if you get tired or too drunk to dance though.

I’ve been here for a few functions over the years, the first one being way back in 2005, so it’s amazing that a place so secluded is still around nearly a decade later. You can hold pretty much any type of function here, from birthdays to engagement parties. Two of the functions I’ve been here for were costume parties, fitting in well with the place’s funky look.

If you live in Melbourne’s northern suburbs (as in the very northern point of Melbourne, not so-called northern suburbs like Carlton or Fitzroy), then GM Sound Studios is for you. Being in an industrial area, you won’t even have to deal with idiot gatecrashers either. It’s such a fun place, come around one night and enjoy all the drinks and great party tunes.

Originally published here at on Monday 10 February 2014

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