Is It Okay To Feel Up A Girl If She Wants It, But Her Boyfriend’s Around?

I was in Sydney recently and wanted to check out the notorious Kings Cross nightlife as I was staying in the area. I ended up going to Hugo’s Lounge (what a top club!), and while waiting in line for the toilet, this drunk blonde girl was carrying on about how the guy she was with wouldn’t grab her arse while they were on the dance floor. She asked both the cleaner and myself if we would’ve grabbed her arse had we been dancing with her. This girl was damn fine and I definitely wouldn’t mind getting a hold of her booty generally speaking, but said non-arse-grabbing guy was right there!

Based on principle, I personally wouldn’t touch another guy’s girlfriend arse, or touch her at all. No way am I getting bashed over a chick; I’ve seen that happen before, and it’s not pretty, especially with all the bullshit that’s been happening in the Cross lately. I actually asked if the guy was her boyfriend, and while it turned out they were just seeing each other and weren’t official, that was enough for me to say no. But this raises a good question: is it okay to feel up a girl if she wants you to, despite the guy she’s with being around?

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about the courting process, it’s that ultimately, no matter how much game a guy thinks he has, it’s the girl that decides whether they’ll hook up, not him. You see all the time at clubs guys grabbing girls on the dance floor and usually the girl shoves him away and tells him to fuck off. Dance floor etiquette is a really grey area, and some girls love it when guys hit on them while boogieing, and they may even reciprocate with a twerk or two. The girl may have her own goals with dirty dancing with you, whether it’s because she’s drunk, is trying to make her nearby boyfriend jealous because they had a fight or something (or maybe she’s just a bitch), or she genuinely thinks you’re hot.

It’s no secret us men think with our dicks, and if some hot chick is more than willing to dirty dance, make out or even have a one night stand with us, it’s really hard (literately!) to say no. So there are unfortunately times such a girl will already be officially taken, so what do you do? As I said already, I personally wouldn’t do it; besides not wanting to get in a fight, how would you feel if some dickhead started groping your girl in front of everyone on the dance floor? You’d be pretty pissed off, wouldn’t you?

But hey, girls know what they want, and if you’re brave enough to do it and deal with any consequences, you get to cop a free feel.

Originally published here at on Saturday 1 February 2014

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