Should You Or Your Ex Stop Going To Your Old Favourite Nightclub?

Break ups suck. They cause a lot of pain and heartache, and basically your whole life changes (whether it’s for better or worse). I like to think most would do the mature thing and either go their separate ways or remain friends. But a lot of people get really immature and bitchy towards their ex and declare a never ending war on them.

This will be quite troublesome if you go out clubbing to your old favourite hot spot you and your ex used to do drinking at. You’ll probably bump into each other and cause a scene because of the mere sight of your ex offends you. People getting divorced always fight over who gets what, and your old hang out is no exception.

I’ve seen this sort of thing happen firsthand. Back when my mates and I used to party at Marquee, one of them started dating one of the club promoter girls there. They went out for about a year and a half, often going to Marquee to party with their pals. However, once they broke up, the party was over. I thought that was the end of our Marquee days, but nope, my friend kept going there, probably because his ex stopped working there soon after! Whether she left because of my friend or found another job I have no idea, but they would’ve had a zillion memories of being together there.

But in general, who has first dibs over the club? Unless one of them happens to own the place, there’s not much you can do about it. I suppose like the process of breaking up, there are factors to consider to decide who rightfully gets to keep going to your fav club.

1. Who Started Going There First?
This is very much a first come first serve situation. Unless you two happened to have met at this nightclub, chances are one of you introduced it to your ex, and they’ve grown to love it too. If so, tell them who that you “own the jointand as you partied there first, the club’s your turf. Just make sure you don’t ever step foot in their favourite club again though, no matter how much time’s past.

2. Do Either Of You Work There?
If one of you two work there, obviously that’s as close to actually owning the place as you’ll get, and therefore you definitely have more right to be there than your ex. Even your coworker bouncers have your back on this one! (Note: while the reverse happened to my friend and his ex, I’m sure that’s extremely rare!).

3. Who Has The Bigger Group?
Obviously he’ll bring his mates and she’ll bring her gal pals when going clubbing, so when they former couple see each other and stare daggers at each other. Your friends will automatically see their friends as the enemy and will fight them if shit gets out of hand, even though the friends don’t actually have anything against each other. But in any sort of fight, if you’re outnumbered, then it’s time to retreat. So if you have like ten friends and your ex has three, they should make themselves scarce. You should do the same if your group’s outnumbered. Majority rules.

Originally published here at on Sunday 13 October 2013

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