Top 10 The Office Drinking Game Rules

No, I’m not talking about drinking yourselves silly in the office you work in (instant dismissal right there!), I’m talking about the excellent television series The Office (American version). Whether you find the American or British to be superior is a big debate amongst hardcore fans that I won’t even get into (I think the fact I’m talking about the American version sums up the version I like more; “USA! USA!”).

Since the show ended earlier this year, peeps can now watch all the episodes back to back, not only to enjoy all the laughs, but to get sloshed to. Like any other mundane topic in life, a drinking game was born out of The Office. After extensive research (i.e. Googling), I give you the best rules of an Office drinking game you could have. (There’s plenty more rules on the net, so feel free to Dwight the situation and make it even more complicated than it needs to be. Think of these as the must have rules in addition to any other rules out there).

1. Pam Says “Dunder Mifflin, This Is Pam”
During the earlier seasons, Pam is the receptionist, always having to answer the phone with that line. (I’ve worked in admin; trust me, it sucks having to be so fake). After a while, you’ll hate hearing a phone ring on the show, fearing it’s Pam’s. Alternatively, for the latter seasons, you could follow this rule for when Erin takes over as receptionist.

2. Jim Looks Into The Camera When Not Being Interviewed
This usually happens when Jim’s pranked the obnoxious Dwight, giving the camera a “Who, me? I didn’t do it…” look. Doesn’t happen so much in the latter seasons when Jim becomes an all serious family man (boo!).

3. Anyone Says “That’s What She Said”
This classic sex pun boss Michael Scott chirps usually at the most inappropriate times. The others eventually start saying it too, making Michael think his joke’s caught on, when in reality they’re making fun of it.

4. Angela Mentions Her Cats
A cat lady to give the one in The Simpsons a run for her money, the bitchy Angela just doesn’t stop banging on about her cats. No wonder her own pussy doesn’t get any attention.

5. Kelly Says “Oh My God”
I’m surprised she never just abbreviated it to “OMG” like teenyboppers do (she probably did actually, but I don’t remember it). It’s funny to think Kelly was a really quiet, more serious woman who later became started talking like a teenager obsessed with celebrities (“I’m being totally serial”).

6. Michael Expresses His Hatred Of Toby
Even managers have to answer to somebody, and Michael absolutely hates the HR guy Toby. Maybe because he feels Toby is a threat to his reign of power, or Toby is just plain bland to Michael, you got to feel sorry for this guy (though that won’t last long as you’ll be laughing at Michael’s insults).

7. Andy Calls Jim “Big Tuna”
Jim got this nickname because he had a tuna sandwich for lunch. While it’s certainly not the most creative nickname, Andy’s persistence with it will nauseate you (in a good, boozey way!).

8. Every “Assistant (To The) Regional Manager” Reference
Dwight loves being on a power trip, though he doesn’t have any power at all really. This is a classic case of brown nosing the boss to try some influence amongst your colleagues.

9. Michael Tries To Impersonate Someone
Though they suck, Michael’s impressions are frequent. So frequent that your liver will hate both you and Steve Carell for it.

10. Michael Gathers Everyone Into The Conference Room
Michael loves his bullshit meetings with his take on some very serious subject and completely just undermines it, often with a video he’s made too. Brilliant.

Originally published here at on Saturday 20 July 2013

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