5 Reasons To Go Home With A Girl

So you’re at the club and you’re chatting away with a really hot girl that you just can’t keep your eyes off. You two have really hit it off and can’t help but smile at one another constantly. Hell, you may even be holding hands, or full on kissing. There’s the unspoken issue of making the next move to see if anything else will happen. Then it happens: the girl will ask you to come home with her.

Ding ding ding! Any guy would feel like he’s just hit the jackpot! It really is a win-win situation. Who says gender equality doesn’t exit? Not that you need to really think about it, but there are many reasons why you should go home with a girl.

1. It’s A Huge Turn On
While a lot of guys will ask a girl to go home with him without hesitation, some dudes may get shy about it. So it really puts a huge grin a dude’s face when she asks him to go home with her. Although traditionally the guy has to make the big moves in courtship, it is unbelievably sexy when a girl does this. Rather than the guy having to be the only one to put himself out there, by having her do the same, it shows she’s just as keen as you are.

2. She Invited You
Society seems to have some hang up on guys inviting girls they’ve just met home. For some girls, it can give the guy a creepy vibe, making him instantly go from a charming young man to a pervert who just wants to get into her pants. But if the girl has invited the guy over, then no one will complain, least of all the guy in question (lucky bastard). It’d be rude not to accept her invitation now, would it?

3. Privacy
Nightclubs are awesome, but there’s a lot of people and noise around. If you want to continue drinking after the club closes or earlier, then you will have to go elsewhere anyway. If she’s inviting you to her place for more drinks, then it’s perfect so you two can get to know each other better and properly hear each other talk.

4. You Can Impress Her
Besides already been polite enough to accept her invitation, you can keep impressing her on the way there. If you were going to drive home anyway, then you can take her to her place and give her a ride home (don’t ask for petrol money!). Or if you two get a taxi together, be a gentleman and pay the fare.

5. Sex
Yeah, there was no getting around this one. This is the first thing you would’ve thought of when you read the headline. Of course, a lot of people would assume that an offer to go to some hottie’s place is for some lovin’. Dudes don’t gawk at a woman’s cleavage or under her skirt and not think about sex; it’s simply a part of life. Whether she offers you to come over for some “coffee” or “Netflix and chill”, or whatever euphemism she wants to use, who fucking cares. You’re both going to have a great night.

Originally published here at barsandnightclubs.com.au on Thursday 12 November 2015

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