Beta Bar

To a lot of people, a Saturday night could either have them going out clubbing or playing video games at home. Why not do both at Beta Bar, a nightclub in Hawthorn full of both classic and new video games to play. Located right next to Glenferrie Station in Hawthorn, it is super easy to get to, so there’s no need to make a mate play designated driver for the night when they can get smashed while playing Super Smash Bros. instead.

Once you walk inside, there are two rooms to choose from, and the room on the left is where all the gaming action is. Patrons can choose from The Duck Game, Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart, Time Crisis 3, Marvel Vs Capcom, and many more. These games are very easy to play, so even the biggest gaming noob can quickly get the hang of it. Keep in mind though, there will be a long wait for the more popular games though, a wait that will make your wait at the bar seem a lot quicker.

The room on the right is a more general bar area, although you can play Rock Star in here and pick a song from the game’s extensive list and sing it with your mates, giving you guys an excuse to drunkenly belt out a tune. There are tables to play Jenga or Cards Against Humanity, as well as a classic pool table.

If you are a more traditional clubber and want to do some actual dancing, rather than playing Just Dance, then all you have to do is go upstairs. There are two dance floors to pick from, one with currents hits, and the other is a retro room with ‘90s and ‘00s music. One of them has a Middle Eastern look to it, like the inside of a palace. Whichever room you hang out in, the music is pumping and sure to get you in a partying mood.

Beta Bar host many theme nights, such as a Star Wars singles night, the Nineties Nintendo party or a Grand Theft Auto party, so keep your eye out for those on Beta Bar’s website and Facebook page. I went on an extra special night, the Cheez TV party, where a lot of people dressed up as characters from the cartoons that classic TV show played, so there were a lot of people doing cosplay. It always livens the mood when you see fun people put in that extra effort to really get into the spirit of the party. So if you ever have had a fantasy of making out with a hottie dressed as Sailor Mars or the green Powerpuff girl, your dream may come true here.

Beta Bar is very much one big flashback to anyone who’s a member of Generation Y and played any of their video games from the ‘90s or ‘00s. Nostalgia, and booze, is what Beta Bar offers in abundance, and its patrons wouldn’t want it any other way.

Originally published here at on Monday 29 February 2016

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