Indeedy Musical Bingo At The Forresters

We all love the good fun and games of clubbing, and the folks at Indeedy Inc. have taken that several dancing steps further. Their international party night Indeedy Music Bingo was born in New York and exploded beyond expectations, and now Indeedy Inc. have brought their game to Australia.

Taking place at The Forresters in Sydney,  it’s a game show meets dance party where you can win prizes and, in true bingo style, see peeps dressed as grandmothers strut their stuff on the dance floor. The first party happened on Thursday October 15th that was a huge hit with plenty more shows to come. I got to speak with Jess Indeedy, the founder of Indeedy Inc., about these awesome parties.

What inspired you to start Indeedy Inc.?
I started Indeedy Inc. after Indeedy Musical Bingo actually, because I kept coming up with other nightlife concepts and it felt weird to invoice people under our bingo name. So Indeedy Inc. was born! Now we provide all sorts of events to companies and festivals.

How did you come up with the idea of Indeedy Musical Bingo?
We were DJing at a day festival and they wanted us to come up with something interactive. My husband and business partner Charles is a graphic designer and DJ, so creating our bingo card concept was his work of genius. I’m a singer and I love performing so it was natural for me to take the role of bingo caller and to develop the structure of the show. We thought it was only going to be a one-off – we had no idea how popular it would become!

What are some songs commonly played at these games? How do you pick them?
We have so much fun creating our game themes, from decades like’ 70s and ’90s to themes like Pop, Hip Hop, and Rock Anthems. Every round has 24 songs, and we pride ourselves on being eclectic. We play everything from Beyonce to AC/DC to Run DMC. We choose songs that are fun and popular, we’re not trying to out-cool anyone. We want everyone to have a fun night with their friends and win some silly prizes.

Where did the idea of the dancing grannies and the inflatable dinosaur come from?
Well, I was thinking about how grannies love bingo and I really wanted to involve them in our show somehow. We got booked to play a UK festival, and there was gonna be a thousand people in the audience, so I wanted to add dancers to make our show more boombastic. It made sense to have dancing grannies, and now we have them at every show! The inflatable dinosaur is an evolution of wanting our prizes to get bigger and bigger and bigger – he’s such a dreamboat!

Why did you pick The Forresters to do it at?
We spent months trying to find the right venue for our show – we wanted it to be fun with a laid-back atmosphere and the layout of the room was important. Also we wanted the venue to attract the sort of cool people that like to have fun and don’t take themselves too seriously. Our first show at The Forresters sold out way in advance, so we totally made the right decision. Plus they serve PIZZA!

What type of prizes are on offer?
We give away a mixture of fun prizes like inflatables, fancy dress and sweets mixed in with boozy and foodie prizes. It’s not about winning a new car – it’s about the competition and going onstage with the Granny Pack to claim your prize.

What do you hope people will get out of these parties?
I want people to have the best time ever with their friends and make memories. World peace one party at a time.

Are there any plans for Indeedy Musical Bingo to start in other cities in Australia?
Absolutely, why not? The first show was such a success, it’s clear Australia is ready for our kind of fun.

Originally published at on Thursday 29 October 2015

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