Whenever one talks extensively about great comedy, one cannot possibly pass Monty Python, whose many comedy sketches revolve around myths and legends from medieval and biblical times. So enter Legends, an ace Python-esque show at The Butterfly Club providing comedic twists on ancient mythical figures and skewed versions of everyday problems, performed by actors Chris Chosich, Elliot Roberts, Carly Milroy and Tom McLean.

Actor Tom McLean greeted audience members¬†wearing a white beard before the show encouraging people to sit towards the front. He asked one woman who didn’t want to, ‘I want you to hear me,’ to which she replied, ‘Then I suppose you need to work on your delivery.’ He laughed and said it was “good constructive criticism”. If there’s one thing that shows great theatre acting, it’s being quick witted with an audience member’s smart arse remarks. I knew I would be in for a good show.

Just some of the scenarios that come up in Legends are Zeus (a.k.a. dad god) assigning his god kids what they’re the gods of, including the god of blacksmithing. Atlas has a giant beach ball of the world on his shoulders and being asked if he can help his mate move house. The Devil learns how to action ironic punishments to sinners. A woman keeps getting interrupted by a car window washer who is an Annie Lennox fan. Sisyphus, rather than being exhausted from forever having to bush a boulder up a hill as punished, is proud of the “guns” his arms now have. Two office drudges start kicking and screaming, thinking their coworker will go nuts without their morning coffee, despite them being totally fine with it. Santa tells his own daughter that he isn’t real, despite the fact it has been him giving her presents every Christmas.

The actors are obviously having fun performing these sketches, and seeing them go ballistic in comedic anger is hilarious. Legends is only playing for a few days, so go check it out now!

Originally published here at milkbarmag.com on Thursday 23 July 2015

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