Waterslide Bar Going Swimmingly Around The Yarra River

It seems as if the number of Melbourne bars just keeps growing and growing, and Southgate in particular is rife with them. So enter Waterslide Bar, a fabulous new cocktail bar a very short walk away from the Princes Bridge. It can be entered either through the building, or the more exciting way by walking on the swirling staircase and you can enter at the halfway point.

The bar is situated where a big water slide used to be over 100 years ago that was just about the biggest source of entertainment for Melburnians back in the day, and is named after it. Despite its ties to history, as soon as you enter it, signs with the venue’s name on it has a hashtag at the front of the name, so the bar is very much a modern place with that sneaky Twitter reference. This brand new bar was designed by both its manager Tim Wastell and Fred Siggins from The Black Pearl, so you know the bar is in good hands.

Once you head over to the bar, it’s instantly apparent that the bartenders are both friendly and knowledgeable; they clearly love their work. Having been a quiet Tuesday night, my friend and I were talking to James the bartender, and he’s a top bloke. All the bartenders can recommend all the various cocktails they have on offer, and by what you order earlier in the night, they can recommend others one going by your taste in booze. Craft beers and wines are also available (naturally).

The bar menu is available on the Waterslide Bar website, and I recommend you look at it, because there’s simply too many cocktails to list here, they’re all fabulous. My personal favourite was the White Negroni, which I started the night off with; the fact it has white chocolate in it won me over, though obviously the gin played a huge part in it. It has a great food menu too if you’re hungry. Popcorn can be served in small bowls, and the twice cooked pork belly skewers and the Spanish churros are marvelous.

The dark coloured decor and jazz music gives Waterslide a great ambiance, one reminiscent of a 1940s bar. James did say they play more “party music” on Friday and Saturday nights when there’s more people, and is also determined by the type of crowd that comes in. So it’s safe to say Waterslide caters for all tastes, both musically and food wise.

The view from the balcony is simply fantastic, showing off the Yarra Bridge, St Kilda Road and the city all in one shot. Just picture seeing the sun set over the Yarra River, or all the city lights at nights; either way, the view will be mesmorising. So if you’re looking to have a few drinks and don’t want to walk too far from Flinders Street Station, Waterslide Bar is a must see.

Waterslide Bar
MR3/26 Southgate Avenue, Southbank

Originally published here at milkbarmag.com on Wednesday 12 August 2015

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