What’s Sexier: Girls With Long Hair Or Short Hair?

Though many guys may be more worried about what a chick’s boobs and arse are like, their hair style should not be underestimated. Girls do ridiculously crazy things with it throughout their lives. Though a lot of it is them simply trying out new looks, part of the reason is to try to impress guys. In short, girls are (partially) doing it to pick up!

So what’s sexier: a girl with long hair or short hair? Many blokes can simply say they prefer one or the other, but the reality isn’t that simple. Actually, unless the girl’s done a drastic change to her hair, the bloke’s not going to notice if her hair is ever so slightly shorter or a different shade of the same colour it already was. But in this case, her hair is either long or short, and even the most dimwitted bloke will notice the change. Though it’s simply something that grows out of their head (and unfortunately in other places too; it sucks getting waxed), a girl’s hair is a big deal in sexual attraction.

So let’s get into the short (hair) and thick (hair) of it and see which one’s more bangin’.

Long Hair
Long hair is perhaps the most feminine trait a girl can have (besides her breasts and vagina). Yes, make up and skirts are obvious girly things too, but they are accessories to help a girl look hot. The hair is all hers. Just the way it flows gets guys going, and girls can do a lot more with long hair than short hair, such as straightening it or curling it. (By the way, straight hair is hotter). The great irony of this is that there’s a great desire for the hair on their head to be perfect, but girls want to annihilate the hair on the rest of their bodies. But whatever you do ladies, please keep the hair on your head, it’s beautiful.

Short Hair
Sometimes girls look boyish with short hair, and it’s a bit off-putting. However, the lack of hair also places emphasis on her other great features, specifically with her face. Her smile and eyes really stand out, and they can completely wow you. Sometimes the pixie look is cute, and makes a girl almost look like a fairy (think Julia Roberts as Tinkerbelle in Hook). Or the punk chick look is hot, where it’s pretty much shaven, except for the mohawk; she’s a girl with a “I don’t give a fuck” attitude, and a chick with confidence is hot. But it can make some girls look older than they actually are, partially because most middle aged and old women usually have short hair (because their hair is now naturally grey and long, grey hair would look ridiculous on them). In a youth orientated culture like ours, who wants to look like an old bag preying on children? (Though you do want to look like you’re at least 18 to get in the club in the first place).

Overall, I personally reckon long hair is better, but I’ve seen plenty of short haired girls that grabbed my attention.

Originally published here at barsandnightclubs.com.au on Monday 13 July 2015

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