Why It’s Good To Dress Up As Santa At Bars And Nightclubs

It’s that time of year again, where we all have our work and private Christmas parties in bar function rooms and let their hair down. But if you really want to make it a memorable Christmas, then you will have to dress up in a very special outfit. Yep, that’s right, you should don Santa Claus’s red and white gear for your party.It may seem like a pain in the arse to find an outfit and then wear it all night under nightclub lights that will make you sweaty, but the pros totally outweigh the cons.

1.  You Will Get In The Club
Bouncers have a bad rep for being tightarses who won’t let peeps in the club for stupid reasons, but if they want to redeem themselves for all the barring they have done over the year, they will let in the happy-go-lucky Santa Claus inside to party in their club. Just hope that even the bouncers aren’t grinchy enough to not let Santa into their club, even if he doesn’t have the “right shoes” on.

2. Everyone Loves Santa
Put aside the religious connotations of Christmas, and what do you have? A jolly old man who wants to give you free stuff and make people happy. So naturally, when he’s hitting the club, he wants to par-tay as much as you do. Everyone will smile and say hey and high five Santa, and be really friendly to you, whereas if you were dressed normally, they would ignore you and think “what the fuck” if you started talking to them. In any case, Santa brings out the Christmas spirit in people.

3. You Look Cool And Fun
As mentioned above, people will approach you because if you went out of your way to dress up as Santa to go clubbing, at the risk of not getting in, then you are down to have fun. Even the mere sight of a Santa getting drunk is funny in itself. Your antics will be good for many laughs and selfies with randoms who want to show their mates they partied with Santa.

4. It’ll Look Really Funny When You’re Drunk And Dancing
A lot of normal clubbers will look odd or silly when strutting their stuff on the d-floor, but Santa’s moves will certainly stand out. People will form a circle around you and cheer you on. Imagine if someone had a dance off with Santa; how crazy would that be, even by clubbing standards! The possibilities are endless.

5. Girls Are More Likely To Respond To You
Girls say they always love a funny cool guy who can make them smile; who better to do that than Santa? Your Christmas themed pick up lines will have more sway to them thanks to your obviously festival ensemble. She may ask where Mrs Claus is, but tell her that you hope it will be her. If you’re lucky, the girls will have decided to dress up in sexy Christmas outfits too and will sit on your lap and ask you for a “special present”. But whatever you do, don’t make a “ho ho ho” joke, she’ll probably take it the wrong way and splash her Christmas cocktail in your face.

Originally published here at barsandnightclubs.com.au on Tuesday 15 December 2015

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