Agony Live With Adam Zwar

No matter how far the human race will come, topics like love, sex and relationships will always seem awkward or have a sense of being taboo. Whether you have never been in a relationship, are a player on the dating scene or have been in a happy marriage for years, this topic will resonate with everyone in some way. Based on the ABC television series Agony Uncles And Aunts, Yarraville Laughs will be bringing back Agony Live with famous Australian entertainers Lawrence Mooney, Fiona O’Loughlin, Dave O’Neill, Jo Stanley and the show’s host Adam Zwar. Milk Bar Mag spoke with Zwar on the show and being presented live.

What are the differences between the TV show and the live show?
In the TV show, there are an number of people who put it together, like producers and the network. You’re in a certain timeslot in Australia, you’re also going with the ABC charter in many ways. You’re limited by what you can say. The live show is taking thew same performers and having your chance to say whatever your want. In a way, it’s Agony Unplugged, uncensored version of the agony experience.

How does the show manage to adapt the Q and A TV show into theatre?
I come out and show clips from what we weren’t allowed to show in Australia. Viewers get a kick out of that, we have two stand up comedians who have been on the show before Lawrence Mooney and Fiona O’Loughlin, who do Agony themed stand up. The theme is romance; they do ten minutes on romance each. The two others are Dave O’Neill and Jo Stanley. What happens is I lead a discussion; they will answer such questions as how to approach someone you’re interested in, who to avoid, how to cope with rejection, what conversations to avoid on a first date. Lawrence Mooney will ask a question and discussion will ensure. It will be hilarious; debate, discussion, controversy. The audience loves it.

What type of controversial topics will be brought up during the show?
The difference between sexy and creepy. Everyone has a diff idea of what creepy is. What you should never tell a partner. When should you lie to your partner. How do you know if they’re cheating on you. People have different opinions on these subjects.

This is not the show’s first time being part of Yarraville Laughs. What has drawn the show back to Yarraville Laughs?
It’s the sheer volume of people last time. We performed twice in one night, both shows were packed. The venue is great for performers because you’re looked after, and it has a great sound and lighting system. The audience is right there in your face. It’s an adversary environment to work in. Also, people in Yarraville often have to go to the city to see these shows, but it’s right in their neighbourhood.

What can audiences expect from Agony Live?
They’ll expect Lawrence Mooney to blow their minds, say things other people dare not think. The great Fiona O’Loughlin performing, Dave O’Neill is a legend, and Jo Stanley everyone loves. It’s a great clash of ideas and clash of comedy. I think we will all learn something about relationships and dating when it’s all over.

Originally published here at on Monday 21 March 2016

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