Bodhi Meets Bond: Rave, Ride And Revitalise

Peeps tend to get hot and sweaty when they go out dancing, almost like a workout, but not quite. Many people who work out, but it’s not always fun. Now you can cross out the “not quite” and dance to your heart’s content while getting fit. Bodhi and Ride will be hosting a wellness clubbing session at Bond Melbourne.

The term “wellness clubbing” would seem like an oxymoron to most, but it really makes sense. The session starts off with a spin class set with tunes played by a live DJ, including a light show while you lift some hand weights that will tone your body. After that, there will be an Electric Yin and BodhiFlow Yoga, with deep house music playing that will lead the way to feeling zen. The day will be topped off with an after party where you can try out their delicious smoothies served in martini glasses.

This event is open to the public, so buy yourself a ticket for $27.12 at the link below and you will already start to feel zen.

Originally published here at on Tuesday 28 June 2016

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