Friday Nights At NGV 2016

Melbourne is renowned for its live music scene and the arts, and Friday Nights at NGV are a perfect blend of the two. Not only will you get to hear some great Aussie bands play out their own songs in magnificent form, but you will also have access the gallery’s fabulous Degas exhibition.

The bands and the dates they perform are below:

Halfway – Friday July 29
Halfway are a Queensland 8-piece country band, including John Wilsteed from the great Australian band The Go-Betweens. Playing award winning music about living in rural Queensland, Halfway’s music is a great form of storytelling about Australia in contrast to the international art on display.

Jen Cloher – Friday August 5
An Aussie artist that has been around for a while now, Cloher will play her experimental style of music. She has recorded on many albums, both in bands and as a solo artist, and now she will share her music with you.

The Painted Ladies – Friday August 12
Having started as a tribute to musician Vic Simms and his songs of the Aboriginals’ plight, the Painted Ladies have since come into their own. They got Simms’ album back into the spotlight with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander musicians playing along.

Jess Ribeiro – Friday August 19
Jess Ribeiro’s music is on par with some of Australia’s most well known acts, and she has played with and supported the likes of Nick Cave, Steve Earle and Tim Rogers. She has played at the Meredith Music Festival, St Kilda Festival and River Boats Music Festival, and shows no sign of slowing down.

Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds – Friday August 26
With a name like Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds, you know you’re going to see a wacky band blast out tunes the likes your ear drums have never heard before. Having sold out rooms across Australia, you would be best off to get your tickets in advance to see them at the NGV.

Mick Harvey – Friday September 2
Mick Harvery is the co-founder and guitarist of The Bad Seeds, and is a part of P.J. Harvey’s band, so you know you are in for world class Australian music that will make you soar. He has just released his latest solo album, Delirium Tremens, 20 years after the previous album, and he will be showcasing both new and older songs.

Pierce Brothers – Friday September 9
Starting out as buskers in Melbourne to selling out shows across Australia, America, Canada, the UK and Europe at some of the world’s largest festivals, the Pierce Brothers are back in Melbourne to display their world class music at the NGV.

Augie March – Friday September 16
Having started out their careers in Collingwood in 1995, Augie March have since received both critical acclaim and commercial success thanks to their music. With all those years of experience under their belt, you know you’re in for a good night of great tunes.

Originally published here at on Wednesday 29 June 2016

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