Hockney: A Life In Pictures With Randall Wright

The 1960s was a time of huge changes throughout the world, and swinging London was certainly one such place. British artist David Hockney grew up in London in the aftermath of World War II, and eventually moved to Los Angeles and had an extraordinary career, creating works from paintings to digital works. Read More

Stephen McCarthy At Sagra Gallery

Sagra is one of the new joints in town wanting to show off its Melbourne art cred, and whose work better to put on display than Stephen McCarthy, a Melbourne artist who has been at it for many years. Having lived and worked in Amsterdam for two decades, as well as having his worked shown throughout the world, Milk Bar got the chance to speak to Stephen on his latest exhibition at Sagra Gallery. Read More

Sagra To Light Up Malvern

Melbourne’s arts community are a lucky bunch. We have plenty of places exhibiting our big variety of great artists, and now there will be a new one opening up in Malvern. So enter Sagra, an art gallery, Italian restaurant and rooftop bar all rolled into one. If that doesn’t scream “Melbourne”, I don’t know does. Read More