Abe Forsythe On Going Down Under Against Racism

With more and more news popping up about terrorism, racially motivated violence and other politics, life seems to have become a lot grimmer in Australia. One of the earliest events along these lines of the Cronulla Beach riot back in 2005 that shocked the nation. Read More

Down Under

From Abe Forsythe, the director of Ned, a parody of the nationally renowned Ned Kelly story, comes a much darker satire about another not so glamourous part of Australia’s history, the Cronulla Beach riot back in 2005. Read More

Looking For Grace

Australia is a bloody huge country, one you wouldn’t want to get lost in, or have to search for someone in. But this is exactly what a couple have to do when their teenage daughter decides to run away with thousands of dollars she stole from them. Looking For Grace is the latest film from the director of Japanese Story, another film set in the Australian outback, and this will  be aptly released on Australia Day. Read More