5 Reasons To Go Home With A Girl

So you’re at the club and you’re chatting away with a really hot girl that you just can’t keep your eyes off. You two have really hit it off and can’t help but smile at one another constantly. Hell, you may even be holding hands, or full on kissing. Read More

5 Ways To Get Energised Before Clubbing

As much as we all like partying and drinking, sometimes there are nights when you just can’t be fucked. Whether it’s because of a big pile of uni assignments or things have been hectic at work, all you want to do is watch Netflix, without the “chill” part. Read More

The Room Drinking Game

Oh hi, clubbers. You may have heard of a little movie from 2003 called The Room. If you haven’t, that’s okay, heaps of people don’t know it. It’s not something I would recommend for everyone. It was meant to be a very serious romantic drama, but its terrible acting, storyline and dialogue have made it an unintentionally hilarious piece of shit that has a huge cult following. Read More