Clubbing In The 2000s Vs The 2010s

While writing about my clubbing experiences over the years, I realised I’ve partied for not only ten years, but also through halves of two different decades. Besides making me sound old (by clubbing standards anyway), I have seen a few different trends in fashion and music come and go. Read More

What’s Sexier: Girls With Long Hair Or Short Hair?

Though many guys may be more worried about what a chick’s boobs and arse are like, their hair style should not be underestimated. Girls do ridiculously crazy things with it throughout their lives. Though a lot of it is them simply trying out new looks, part of the reason is to try to impress guys. Read More

RedFinch Boutique

It’s common for people look through their old clothes and see stuff they barely, if ever, wore and wonder, “Why did I buy that for?” Many people donate their old clothes to op shops, but as many women would agree, some of the top designer clothes that never got much use deserve a much better fate than a dingy op shop. Read More