9 Ways ‘My Best Friend’s Birthday’ Foreshadowed Quentin Tarantino’s Career

In an industry where the actors get the limelight, writer and director Quentin Tarantino has become a celebrity in his own right, despite predominantly working behind the camera. Read More

The Hateful Eight

Westerns are not the most popular film genre these days, with the exception of Quentin Tarantino’s previous movie, Django Unchained. Tarantino has certainly not been all quiet on the western front and has created The Hateful Eight, a mystery western. Read More

Looking For Grace

Australia is a bloody huge country, one you wouldn’t want to get lost in, or have to search for someone in. But this is exactly what a couple have to do when their teenage daughter decides to run away with thousands of dollars she stole from them. Looking For Grace is the latest film from the director of Japanese Story, another film set in the Australian outback, and this will  be aptly released on Australia Day. Read More

Gus Berger And The QV Outdoor Cinema

Melbourne has always had a strong film culture, with ACMI being located right in the middle of Melbourne and so many people successfully protesting to save the Astor Theatre from closing. It should come as no surprise then that QV Melbourne are hosting an outdoor cinema screening on Thursday-Sunday nights between December and February. Read More