Melbourne is known for its fantastic live music scene, and fortunately that isn’t limited to the city. Musicland is a really cool live music bar and recording studio for up-and-coming bands to showcase their talent and for suburban rock fans to dance the night away. Read More

5 Ways To Get Energised Before Clubbing

As much as we all like partying and drinking, sometimes there are nights when you just can’t be fucked. Whether it’s because of a big pile of uni assignments or things have been hectic at work, all you want to do is watch Netflix, without the “chill” part. Read More

Farewell Marquee

While the long weekend would undoubtedly seen many upon many parties happen around Melbourne thanks to the Melbourne Cup, one of those parties would have been bittersweet to say the least. On Saturday November 1st 2014, The Marquee Club in South Melbourne held its last ever party. Read More