5 Reasons To Go Home With A Girl

So you’re at the club and you’re chatting away with a really hot girl that you just can’t keep your eyes off. You two have really hit it off and can’t help but smile at one another constantly. Hell, you may even be holding hands, or full on kissing. Read More

The Little Death

Sex has always been and always will be a taboo subject for many, not just because it’s the icky way people are created, but all the many weird sexual perversions out there. We can’t help but either get uncomfortable or laugh at it. The Little Death is an Aussie gem that makes its audience do both very well. Read More

The 5 Sexiest Halloween Costumes For Chicks

Being a guy, I shouldn’t be admitting I’ve even heard of the movie Mean Girls, which is one of the quintessential chick flick of the ’00s. But I bring it up because there’s a part where said girls are getting ready for a Halloween party and Lindsay Lohan comments that Halloween is the one time of the year a girl can dress like a total slut and other girls can’t say anything about it Read More